Wanda Metropolitano's PTFE roof

Wanda Metropolitano: And so the day of the opening finally arrived!
Moving from the old stadium, Vicente Calderón, wasn't easy for many Rojiblancos. But on Saturday, when they saw their new home, everything changed. It was a night full of celebrations for the almost 68.000 fans present, especially after Atlético beat Málaga 1-0. And all of these celebrations and emotions happened under Taiyo Europe's PTFE roof. We feel proud and honored. Take a look at the opening night!

ThyssenKrupp Test Tower in Rottweil

Aerial video of the PTFE membrane installation at the ThyssenKrupp Test Tower in Rottweil. Are you afraid of heights? Well, this video was made at a height of almost 200 meters!

New PVC-PES Membrane Façade in Würzburg

PVC Façade
PVC Façade

Currently we are realizing the membrane façade of two new bioreactor gas towers in Wurzburg. The membrane enclosures where designed as air-supported PVC-PES membranes with a surface area of 3,400 m² in total. The pneumatically supported membranes are serving to weather protection and thermal insulation. The load-bearing structure is functioning like an air hall. A special technical challenge is the explosion protection, required for the membrane enclosure, with respect to the fouling gas, that occurs inside.

The membrane enclosures are given the two gas towers a different shape, on the model of smooth ground river pebbles. Thus, two sculptures are created, similar to each other but not identical. The uniqueness of the objects with their smooth, bright aesthetics symbolize the attributes with which the sewage treatment plant in Wurzburg wants to identify in the future: precision, efficiency and technology. Client: City of Wurzburg; design and rendering: Auer & Weber Architects, Munich; principal structural detailing: Leicht Engineers, Munich.

Atlético de Madrid: 96 PTFE membrane panels lifted

The last panel of the Wanda Metropolitano's roof has been installed. The PTFE roof consists of 96 panels which took exactly 4 months to install (from March to July). Take a look at this amazing time-lapse showing 83.000 m² of PTFE membrane taking shape. The stadium is expected to be inaugurated this September and we can't wait! Video © Atlético de Madrid

Lord’s Cricket Ground:A new PTFE membrane roof for the home of cricket

One of Taiyo Europe's innovative and brandnew projects is located in the UK! Taiyo's scope was the installation of the textile PTFE-Glass roof combined with a tensotherm aerogel layer, improving thermal insulation and natural light thanks to the semi-translucent membrane. The stadium aims to reduce its carbon footprint and a membrane roof was the perfect way to improve its sustainable features.
The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, was invited to attend the opening ceremony. You can read all about it here.

A modern PTFE roof for the Schierker Feuerstein Arena

Copyright & Design: GRAFT Gesellschaft von Architekten mbh/ schlaich bergermann partner gmbh

The new Schierker Feuerstein Arena will bring ice-skating to a completely new level. We are really excited to be able to build this PTFE membrane roof for this community. The roof structure consists of a 3D-curved, elliptical box girder made of steel; it resembles a tennis racket. The cable net, with more than 500 individual points, will support the membrane roof. This roof will provide an all-weather ice-skating fun. Now, the Schierke community can start looking forward to the cold winter temperatures!

Scalo Milano Shopping District - A PTFE roof

PTFE roof
PTFE roof

Scalo Milano is a new City district built in the south area of Milano, a district dedicated completely to a stylish shopping experience.
A stylish shopping district is a synonym of tensile architecture, which is why Taiyo Europe was involved in
this modern project. Our work focused in the "Food Experience District", the "heart" of Scalo Milano.
A 2300 sqm PTFE membrane roof, where people can sit down under any weather condition and enjoy a
delicious pause.      

Tensile Architecture and the UEFA 2016 Semi-Final

UEFA 2016 - Stade Velodrome
UEFA 2016 - Stade Velodrome

Passion for football - Passion for membrane architecture - Taiyo Europe always present

EM Football and Architecture

New PVC Roof for "L'Astronave" in Pesaro - Membrane architecture & Arenas

Adriatic Arena PVC Roof
Adriatic Arena PVC Roof
Adriatic Arena PVC Roof
Adriatic Arena PVC Roof

The "Adriatic Arena" in Pesaro, Italy is one of the biggest sport structures in Italy with a capacity of 11.000 spectators. Due to its peculiar shape this arena is also known as "L'Astronave" (Spaceship) or "Coccinella" which means ladybug. The arena was built in 1996 and inaugurated by no other than Luciano Pavarotti!

"L'Astronave" is used for many purposes: From basketball matches, concerts and exhibits, to hosting one of the most important festivals in Italy, the “Rossini Opera Festival”.
Taiyo Europe was called by the consortium SINEP Scarl to replace the old membrane roof and to solve water infiltrations that have been causing many problems for the last years. The entire roof was replaced with a new PVC membrane and, in order to avoid water leakage, every new clamping plate had closure flaps, which meant that 9.000 m of welding had to be made on site. The job took almost 4 months.

Taiyo Europe is proud to have achieved a very successful result. A success confirmed by the "International Tennis Federation" when they chose the Adriatic Arena for the Davis Cup. Membranes roof the world!

Protective Membrane Tent at the Neolitic Temples in Tarxien: Our ongoing project in Malta

Transparent design & sophisticated illumination: Taiyo's ETFE-Umbrellas

Take a look at our award-winning ETFE project in Chambourcy, France. Around the mall you can see the organically formed ETFE-Umbrellas, which blend naturally with its environment. The umbrellas provide not only uninterrupted weather protection regardless of the season, but also add a stylish edge to the whole building.

>>> Video Centre Commercial Les Vergers de la Plaine Chambourcy <<<

Taiyo Europe at the EXPO 2015 in Milano - ETFE, PTFE and PVC Membrane Architecture

This year the Universal Exhibition takes place in Milan, Italy. The Expo Milano 2015 gathers around 144 countries, which show their best technology and innovations that offer a concrete answer to the Expo's theme: "Feeding the planet. Energy for life". Taiyo Europe is also present at the Expo, having built seven unique membrane structures totaling around 81,100 m2. You can glimpse our work in several pavilions, from Japan to Germany, from ETFE to PTFE. Check out our brand new Facebook page and see for yourself the immense diversity of tensile architecture.

>>>Taiyo Europe auf Facebook<<<

Stade Vélodrome, Marseille - PTFE-Glass Roof in all its glory!

Built in 1937 and home to the football club Olympique Marseille ever since, the stadium is one of nine venues that will host European Championships games when the tournament is held in France. Taiyo Europe was chosen to design, manufacture and carry out the installation of this spectacular project. The roof construction is designed as an arch-supported, PTFE coated fibreglass membrane.

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