Your ideal partner for the design and construction of membrane and ETFE structures

The world of textile and ETFE architecture

Rarely has a material added so much to modern construction design over the last couple of decades than textile membrane. Unthinkable 50 years ago, the invention and development of premium-quality textile materials and related technologies and methods for the design, production and installation have provided ambitious architects and engineers with a powerful tool – a tool that allows the construction of spectacular membrane roofs or ETFE facades bathed in light. With high-performance textile membranes and ETFE films, architecture has reached a whole new aesthetic level.

As the market leader and company with decades of tradition, Taiyo is proud to contribute to the pioneering development of tensile architecture with high-class membranes and ETFE films. In the recent past, we've contributed to numerous distinctive and renowned international projects, such as the Millennium Dome in London, UK, the Olympic Stadium in Rome, Italy and the World Cup Stadia in South Africa and Brazil. Designers, architects, developers and investors of complex and challenging mammoth projects can place their complete trust in Taiyo as their reliable partner in all their future tensile projects. Because we are united behind our goal: to realise architectonic visions with the successful application of stunning and inspirational membrane and ETFE architecture.