Corporate Policy

Our company constantly faces the challenges of the market. We strive to improve and protect our own interests during all phases of our service provision for the benefit of our customers.

Satisfied customers, healthy and motivated employees, the performance of our company and a long-term sustainable growth are the company’s goals.

The management is aware of its responsibility in terms of quality, safety and health of employees and the preservation of our environment.

Herein the statutory, regulatory and customer-specific requirements are determined and considered as a minimum standard in the implementation.

Applicable legal or regulatory requirements are identified and taken into account as a minimum standard.

We follow a quality and environmental management system in order to ensure that the ever-increasing demands of the market are taken into account and our customers are always satisfied. This integrated management system is in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 and an internal safety management system. Top management is committed to constantly develop, realize and to improve the effectiveness of the management system.

Quality and customer satisfaction

As a quality conscious company, it is our declared goal to provide our services to the highest quality and the best interests of our customers.
Our conduct is based on the wishes of our customers. The goal is to always satisfy every one of our customers with all our services.

On the basis of measurable objectives, we regularly check our customers’ satisfaction with our projects and services. We do this in order to derive appropriate measures which help us to continually enable quality and customer satisfaction.

This way we ensure that the management and our employees fulfill our commitment to quality. With the aim of continually improving our management system, customer expectations should always be taken into account and the financial success of the company should be secured.

Occupational safety and health

Our employees are our most valuable asset. We operate an internal work-safety-management-system in order to maintain their health and work force.

The management is aware of its responsibility for the safety and health of all employees. The main goals to be achieved with the help of this management system are basically the avoidance of damage to persons and property and ensuring the safety of others.

The integrated management system allows us to regularly capture the present state of the company and rate it. This results in us being able to maintain a high level of safety and health. Another positive consequence of this system is us being able to improve the management system according to the motto “people and technology”.

We also try to enforce our own expectations on all of our subcontractors and suppliers.

We intend to achieve this claim of "no compromise in safety" strategy through regular training with our staff.


All our actions affect our environment. In order to keep the negative impact on our environment as low as possible and to avoid damaging it, we operate an Environmental Management System. We ensure compliance with our system requirements not only internally but also in collaboration with subcontractors.

The elaborated goals of environmental protection should be monitored continuously for compliance and redefined in the sense of continual improvement.

Herewith we should continuously work on the prevention and, should this not be possible, on the reduction of environmental pollution. Any additional specifications of our customers are of course to be taken into account.

All employees are invited and encouraged to fulfill their duties with dedication and motivation in terms of quality, safety, health and environmental protection in their own interests, the interests of customers and in the interest of our company and to participate in the established management systems.

Code of Ethics

Taiyo Europe is at any time committed to the highest Ethical behavior to be performed by the company and its employees. This is enforced by the company, represented under the figure of the Manager Director and its other Directors. Any issue related should be assessed and ensured by the Board of Directors under the leadership of the Managing Director.

Januar 2020