New, ultra thin and beautiful


Organic Photovoltaics (OPV) isn’t just a technology of the 3rd generation of PV - it is a groundbreaking power generation technology with unique features, offering unlimited freedom of design.

OPV is...


Multifold integration possibilities can be explored, whether inlay in glass, lamination on different materials or direct integration in products.


From the outer to the inner values: Different unique shapes and looks according to your design match electric customizations.


Offering increased production efficiency by low energy consumption during production and short energetic payback time combined with low to no use of rare materials. Further our OPV is proven to be sustainable in terms of carbon footprint as well as end-of-life treatments.
Organic photovoltaic (OPV) materials convert light into electrical power. In contrast to typical inorganic silicon cells, OPV laminates have a flexible structure and are robust against ambient conditions. Thanks to the Freedom of Design of OPV, it can be adapted to almost any surface. OPV uses sustainable, carbon-based  “organic” materials. The main difference to inorganic photovoltaics is the operating principle: OPV absorbs light in a bulk, not at a discrete interface.

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