Personalized tensile membrane and ETFE architecture in each project phase

We offer a complete range of services in tensile structure or ETFE cushion projects, focusing primarily on the individual needs of our clients and on high quality standards.

Taiyo Europe provides you not only with any help and support that you might need during the design of the tensile membrane structure, but also with the management of the complete planning and execution phase. A careful cost and time-effective project management is very important to us. Our specialised experts consult and provide you with invaluable advice, from the design phase through to a time long after the completion of the structure. Whether it is design, material choice, technologies, construction physics, costs, deadlines or maintenance and repair: at Taiyo Europe, your project is in experienced and reliable hands from start to finish.

An overview of our services:

  • Consulting during the design phase of the project
  • Support with structuring and the definition of services
  • Calculation of cost budgets as a basis for decision-making
  • Assistance in drafting service descriptions and specifications
  • Development of feasibility studies
  • Manufacturing of mock-up structures
  • Construction work and logistics consulting
  • Project management (logistics, quality assurance, deadlines, costs)
  • Manufacturing and delivery of prefabricated membranes or ETFE cushions
  • Manufacturing and delivery of pre-mounted structural components
  • Installation of the membrane roof or facade construction
  • Quality management
  • Installation and maintenance


Investors, architects and engineers value the experienced consultation and advice provided by our experienced technicians. Their knowledge of the intricacies of membrane tensile architecture guarantees that they will receive the necessary know-how right from the start.

In particular at the beginning of a project is it absolutely paramount to have the necessary basis information available. Only then can one chose the right architectural design, an efficient supply structure and the membrane material best suited for the individual application.

That is why Taiyo supports you even in the pre-design phase of a project if would like or require such help and support. Together with you, we develop solutions that take into consideration a framework of possible solutions that best fulfils your wishes and ideas both from a technical as well as commercial point of view.

Feasibility Study

An ever increasing number of architects, engineers and building owners are taking advantage of the option to have our specialists support them with the evaluation of their planned projects.

Frequently, the development of new and visionary projects entails inherent risks: it's not always clear if a realisation is possible at all and which development approach or which technology would be best.

That's why feasibility studies are the ideal step in order to have certainty and security when it comes to the technological possibilities and the costs. Taiyo has been offering this service successfully for many years.


The design of tensile membrane and ETFE cushion structures requires specialised know-how and the use of very specific calculation software. Another requirement for the successful realisation of a project is the specialist knowledge about the interactive and non-linear load bearing characteristics of membranes.

That is why it is important for architects and building owners to consult with experienced planners when it comes to the design of three-dimensional support structures such as steel, cable and membrane / ETFE constructions.

Taiyo has a staff of experienced engineers and technicians that is ready and waiting to competently support you in both the design and execution phases of your projects, whether it be structural analysis, defining the size of the load bearing parts, design of the actual implementation including customised patterns or the complete design of the installation.

Project management

Our professional project management guarantees that everything runs smoothly and that our customers receive the services agreed upon: factually and technically correct and in compliance with all contractual agreements.

We pay particular attention to the fulfilment of all qualitative requirements and the exact adherence to time and budget limits.

In practice, this means that we monitor, coordinate and scrutinise the work of our engineering teams, the performance of our suppliers and manufacturers as well as all installation work from the start to the finish of each project for you.


We fabricate the membranes or ETFE cushions for each project in our own, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities – individually and with the greatest possible precision. We adhere rigorously to the specific requirements of our engineering and quality assurance departments and record these in quality assurance documents for all of our customers.

Automatic plotters make sure that membranes are cut precisely to the millimetre. Depending on the choice of material – PTFE, PVC or ETFE – welding systems are on stand-by for further processing. We stringently test the strength of welds either in our internal or in an external laboratory, depending on the requirements.

Precise down to the millimetre and thoroughly tested. The membranes are then carefully and correctly packaged and shipped: fast and damage-free to their individual destination.

Assembly and maintenance

All parts in membrane construction are delivered prefabricated. The assembly takes place according to a precise and project specific assembly concept that defines each step of the process and its framework conditions.

As an example, membranes or ETFE films should not be mounted in extreme windy conditions or at low temperatures. The reason for this: membranes are usually assembled pre-stretched so that they can remain stable in shape during external loads such as wind and snow. The assembly team must therefore master the complicated task and the responsibility to pull each membrane into its final form without any wrinkles.

In order to guarantee the longevity and safety of a project, we offer our customers the option of signing a maintenance contract. This contract usually includes an inspection of the membrane structure and its mounting technology at least once a year – and, if needed, maintenance and repair work.